The relationships between the images and objects I make are often uncomfortable; initially they are familiar yet invariably difficult to locate exactly. The images are theatrically styled and the objects beautiful and laboured over, when placed together the ambiguity is compounded. Both object and image make references to something that may have once taken place; they are props or clues to something.

Works have been produced within the public realm through commissioned projects and are often sited in overlooked or forgotten places; recent works intend to explore places that have a particular significance.

I am currently dealing with a specific series of works that takes these central formal issues/ questions to push them further; by reminding the viewer of the mortality and fragility of human life and using made physical objects as symbols that are considered to be valuable, useful, beautiful, sparkly, deeply concentrated, enchanting, enticing and wonderfully colourful. These works are to investigate further the relationship between the documented, the real and the layers in between.